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Info Systems Call slated for tomorrow focusing on NOC, tunnel, and lab. 7pm with Leonard, Charles, Isaac and Martin.

Bryan in KC Should we deploy full stack? Do we have 3.65? Yes. No, but we'll get it.

ARIN Stuff Joe has big v6 block, he's going to give us a /48. That will allow us to get ASN. We will announce out of Dallas and then KC. We will use that as the management network. We will get a /32 from ARIN and delegate /48 which will be announced at each facility, and can have their own routing policies.

Tryone ReportBack Mitch Kapor Foundation contact initiatited. Kapor is cofounder of Lotus, EFF - Mozilla Foundation.

Charles ReportBack Went to the data center, moved all dev gear into place. Moved prod to our locked cage. Been working on getting everything into chili. Created some tickets for work that had been done but wasn't ticketed.

Isaac ReportBack Travel has been very productive. Headed down to NYC tomorrow. Will be meet with KC community folks upon return.

We need better midlevel documentation in order to ask our friends for help.

Tax Exempt Are we gonna have problems with that? Hopefully not. Hopefully the facts will speak for themselves.

deliverables: gear for full stack test in KC can we get someone to fund this gear?