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call notes by tyrone


  • isaac
  • pablo
  • aaron
  • tyrone

weekly updates from isaac:

  • got deb server built, finally so we can build the system image for the single sign on platform
  • possible hq scouting
    • oak tower looks like a strong possibility
    • its in kc, has a roofrack
    • Most likely will be using 3650 for down links to towers throughout the city
    • Need to negotiate radio lease, work with data center on deployment particulars
    • has good line of sight to territory in south and east kc (east is more impoverished)
      • strong potential constituencies
  • imw posted some photos to builders list this week, of views from oak tower
  • we need a "free network compact"
    • a legal document embodying the free network ethos/action
  • pablo update
    • i recently got a grant ($3000) to study/document mesh network scene
    • same kind of grant blendr got to document things
    • this will set a lot of groundwork for educational mission
    • this will be my main project this summer
  • community meeting has been great
    • 2 sections/working groups now
      • one for free network theory and one more technical
    • im going to collab with dan for teach-ins on may 1st
      • we will meet, make a website

isaac: could you tell us more about the grant

pablo: the money came from school, but the project is mine. i will write a thesis for them at the end

isaac: tyrone's coming out to kansas city next monday, then we're coming back to the east coast on may 18th. i'll be in maryland, then after that around nyc and the east coast until mid-June

imw: our talk was accepted for the allied media conference. pablo will attend and speak. it's june 28-july 1

pablo: i'll be at transparency camp in dc next weekend

  • discussion of ows-related events, and the merits of staying in the transport business. it's much safer than hosting.

anyone can come and search servers, so if you want to offer hosting services, set it up as a separate entity

isaac: i'd like to thank charles for his excellent work recently on putting together a suite of tools

isaac and aaron discuss what role he'd like to take with the fnf.

aaron says his time is limited, but he's interested in helping with specific projects that come up

isaac: we've got some projects if you feel like banging on some tech stuff. check out the chili