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  • Charles Wyble
  • Isaac Wilder
  • Nick Daly
  • Elise Gallant
  • Tyrone Greenfield

Proposed agenda:

  • None

Discussed topics:

  • Isaac
    • was up in grinel past few days , met with dr. stone (an earlier advisor), 3 of early technical colloborators they are joining builders list
    • Joshua still wants to be involved
    • Isaac got some books (dns&bind,linux system administrator guide) to help with sys admin functions until Martin joins after graduation
    • $75.00 more a month commitment
    • Neruda write up
    • Backlog of emails cleared out (significant progress made)
    • "Safety deposit box for freedom box"
  • Charles
    • Busy with git setup
    • Setting up dr/dev server
    • Moving personal networking related data archives online
  • Nick
    • Trying to get ready for FBX hack fests
    • Talked with lorenzo from hack fest / FBX project update
    • Chatted about neruda