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  • Isaac
  • Tyrone
  • Charles
  • Nick
  • Forrest

Proposed agenda:

We will discuss:

  • SSO/VPN *link to builders thread*
    • Discussed slide deck under way
    • Discussed possible funding
    • Deployment to production currently on hold for a couple of months waiting for funding
    • Discussed possible development resources in place who want to move forward with platform for release

  • Outstanding Infrastructure tasks
    • Shipping out backup system
    • Getting off of black lists
    • Refer to chili for outstanding infrastructure items
    • Identified possible techops resource (Martin from Grinnel) to close out outstanding IT infrastructure items
    • Dallas / Pablo attempted to join call via Google Voice and were unable to do so. Dallas is working on Freeswitch/BigBlueBox/2600hz.org
    • Forest discussed meeting in San Diego with several other folks. High level in nature.
    • Isaac mentioned Guardian project secure Android client. We want to plug them into our FS/2600hz infrastructure.
  • Plan of action for New York
    • Focus on community organizing and development and awareness
    • Relocate NYC tower to KC for demo/lab use

  • Tower Documentation
    • Dozen volunteers want to help with documentation
    • Have the volunteers clean up the wiki page (Isaac will handle)
    • Radio firmware selection
    • Austin/NYC tower available for hacking

  • Funding/Office Space
    • 4 $50.00 per month commitments
    • 40% to funding goal for the month on first day of month
    • Isaac drafting letter to potential donors
    • Tyronne is going to work on membership drive
    • Visibility into funding status and what it's going to
    • Discuss possible radio placement (Joes roof, in an office facing window)
    • Discussed possible backup funding options at a high level
  • Other