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{{{Title}}} {{{Image}}}


Getting even the most basic standard wikipedia-style Infobox or NavBox integrated into a vanilla MediaWiki installation is frustratingly complicated. This template is an "easy" workaround, but does require the complete "project list" to be included on every use of the template.


To apply this template you can start by copy-and-pasting the following code into the bottom of an article and then provide adequate arguments:

 | Title = 
 | Image = 
 | List = 
 | Category = 

Mandatory arguments

  • Title: A title for the navigation box; may include links
  • List: List of links to related articles; links maybe separated, for instance, by commas, bullets, or pipe symbols.

Recommended arguments

  • Image: posts a image to the right of the list and title.
  • Category: Includes the following categories in the article.