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The Bible

Wireless Networking in the Developing World ver. 2- This is what you read before you read anything else. 400+ pages of high-level goodness.

Mesh Protocol Documentation

OLSR RFC(Request For Comments) Memo from 2003- Gives a brief networking description of the OLSR Protocol

Configuration Documentation

Quick Mesh... Coming some time Commotion Wireless... Coming some time How to configure DD-WRT(OLSR) to mesh Click "Save As" if you have trouble with the link. OpenWRT... Coming Some time

If you have any documentation you want to provide, please link it on this wiki or send it to [email protected] [dot] org.

Implementation Documentation and test results

Optimum Antenna Configuration For Maximizing Access Point Range onf an IEEE 802.11 Wireless Mesh Network In Support of Multi-Mission Operations Relative to Hastily Formed Scalable Deployments- A Thesis by Robert lee Lounsbury, Jr. of the Naval Postgraduate School