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Links to complete presentations

If you make any substantial modifications to the below presendation deck, let me know ( and I'll upload a copy to our web server. Or you can link to a self hosted version if you prefer. Feel free to use the below slide deck as much as you like. It's intended as an educational resource for folks looking to raise awareness about FNF and start local chapters.

Presentation to Austin Linux Users Group 4/1/2012: PDF , ODP

Translation of above to German: PDF

Outline for folks making presenations

I put this together as a list of things folks may wish to cover.

  • FNF Title Slide
  • Personal Intro
  • FNF History
  • FNF Intro
    • What is FNF vision?
  • What is FNF doing to realize the vision?
  • What are the components to the FreeNetwork?
    • FreedomBox
    • FreedomNod3
    • FreedomTower
    • FreedomLink
    • FreedomWAN
    • FreedomTunnel
    • FreedomNoc
  • Standing on shoulders of giants
    • Sofware
      • Serval project
      • OLSR
      • Batman
      • Babel
    • Existing networks
  • How you can help
    • As a technologist
      • Go to create an account
      • Email
    • As an operator
    • As an end user
      • Spread the word
      • Funding
  • How much does it cost?