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Excavators are one of the greatest engineering tools that have been manufactured for building and construction work. They are extensively used in construction work and other civil engineering tasks. This excavator technology has made some prominent advances, and that's the reason we can find a number of different types of excavation buckets in the market.

Dragline excavators are bigger in size and mainly used for big-scale construction practices including n-surface mining and other civil engineering tasks. These excavators are available in two different types; standard and on-site mobile draglines.

For excavation purposes, construction engineers make use of back hoes, which are the most common types of excavators used today. This excavator has a bucket attached to the front, which is facing the driver. Back hoe excavators are part of almost every construction site and due to their incredible ability to dig through soil, they help improve productivity and save costs.

Apart from bucket excavators, some excavators play the role of a vacuum by sucking out debris and other dirt materials from the ground. The excavation that takes place using a suction excavator requires the use of water in the soil.

Long High Reach Demolition Excavators for sale excavators have a long arm and boom sections. These types of excavators are usually used in demolition tasks. These machines are strong and can easily break walls and solid structures with power. Their long arms allow the handlers to stay at a safe distance from the demolition debris, yet perform the task successfully in less time