Resolutions for the future of education

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   * Five Resolutions for the Future of Education* 
  • Whereas:
  • We believe that knowledge is power.
  • It is morally imperative to help others when it comes at no cost to oneself.
  • The marginal cost in the reproduction and transmission of information is rapidly approaching zero.
  • There exists a growing disparity in global levels of wealth and education.
  • We possess the technology, the means, and the intellectual capital to bridge the digital divide.
  • In service to truth and humanity, we do hereby resolve that:

1) Faculty should make syllabi, reading lists, and other course materials that they deem appropriate available freely from a centralized digital repository accessible by all.

2) Institutions of higher education should provide curated and peer-reviewed platforms for both Faculty and Students to publish their work openly.

3) Academics should help to make public discourse more civil and better informed.

4) We should contribute to the intellectual commons that is emergent in cyberspace.

5) Technical assistance should be provided to those that wish to publish online but are unable to do so.