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FreedomStack Intro

Our R&D focuses on the development of a physical network infrastructure called the FreedomStack. The FreedomStack is an outline of the physical and material aspects of a network, but their implementation does not necessarily ensure that the network is Free. Freedom on the FreedomStack must be ensured through a social and legal framework, such as the Network Commons License.

The Free Network Foundation is in the process of developing their own Free and open-source implementation of the FreedomStack. The FNF is also developing educational resources for implementing and maintaining your own FreedomStack.

Recent Updates

FreedomStack Components

Hardware Components

  • Free Network Stack: an overview of the tools we build
  • FreedomCenter: Open source/open design/open pattern enterprise infrastructure stack, use to host our web properties, org tools etc
  • FNF_Lab: Where we do lots of R&D. From SDR to CCIE studies to OpenWRT continuous integration.
  • FreedomNode: Home/business infrastructure hub (home network to neighborhood network bridge)
  • FreedomTower: Neighborhood infrastructure hub (neighborhood network to regional network bridge)
  • FreedomLink: Regional infrastructure hub (bgp speaker, mesh to mesh inter networking over wired or licensed wireless)

Software Components

  • AutoTunnel: Authentication, encryption, network security services
  • AutoNOC: FreeNetwork management system

Other Content