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Welcome to The Commons
This is the wiki spaaace for The Free Network Foundation. We envision a world where communities build, maintain, and own their own share of the global computer network. We engineer tools and develop educational resources to facilitate the deployment of resilient, responsive, and accessible Free networks. The FNF is a registered 501c3 non-profit based in the United States.
224 articles (all in English), please contribute!

For Newcomers

For Network Operators

For hackers/document writers/qa testers etc

Are you a system/network engineer, software developer, QA tester, documentation writer, artist or project manager? If so, then you are in the right place!

Once you have identified a component of the FNF mission you wish to work on, please do the following:

1) Register for an account on our project management system. The account will need to be approved by one of our administrators (due to spam).

2) email [email protected] with the username that you picked (so we can approve it) and the project/area you would like to contribute to. Also give a brief overview of your skills and how you would like to contribute to the project.


Speech bubble.png Philosophy

The Philosophy Portal aggregates pages about the FNF's vision and ideology on a Free network's infrastructure, governance, and role in society.

Radio tower.png Research and Development

The Research and Development Portal aggregates pages about a physical infrastructure for Free Networks that was implemented by the FNF, called the FreedomStack.

Book.png Education

The Education Portal aggregates pages about the FNF's educational resources for understanding, building, and operating Free networks.

Newspaper.png Bulletin

The Bulletin Portal aggregates pages about the FNF's activities, meetings, events, and progress.

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