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If You're Planning a Hunting trip, there are three things you need to always do if you would like to have the safest time.

These items may seem to Be'common sense' but, in reality, as so many people do not follow them, they're obviously not.

Assume your gun is loaded -- Just about the most important thing to Remember on any hunting trip is that should always behave as if your gun is loaded. Even if you are sure it is not.

That means never point it At anybody or any thing that you don't anticipate shooting, and never wave it around.

Make sure you also keep Your finger away from the trigger as you walk. That way you are not likely to accidentally press it.

Take the right things -- Always presume it is going to rain, so take Your rain equipment with you. Also pack a battery to your telephone or a fully-loaded recharger, and choose matches, a first-aid kit along with enough food and water to last you two or three days.

After all, you never know When you may get misplaced, or among you may be injured.

Never go alone -- While it may be tempting to wander off from the woods , it is Never a fantastic idea to go on a hunting trip on your own. You might become lost or injured, and nobody would know where you were. You could also get stuck in a situation you cannot get out of by yourself.

Make Certain you always go on A hunting trip with two to three other people. That way you consistently Have backup should you get in a terrible situation. You also have at least one individual That can go and get assistance if necessary. E.g. visit the following post.