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This is a slightly hidden Wiki on LGHTtag, mostly for LGHTSRC and FNF developers, but also for other people :)

What is LGHTtag? LGHTtag is an open-source mobile platform for Massively Multiplayer Real Life Games. The major functionality we are developing is the ability to verify "tagging" someone at a distance using unique clothing. The first game for the LGHTtag system will be LGHThammer, in response to Google's Project Glass... LGHThammer will break Project Glass and the entire Matrix like apparatus that is ripping human relationships apart to feed its parasitic model of profit maximization/resource exploitation. The makers of LGHTtag and LGHThammer believe the following.

"Use tools like Google and Facebook the way Neo uses the Matrix... to 'unplug' the others who have yet to wake up, and get the heck back home..."

Roadmap - [1] (needs updating and cleaning but good)

Immediate Goals:
 -Real Time ID of Crazy Hat on Android  -crude images of Crazy Hat for image recognition  - [2]

Image Recognition Basics:
 -Principle Component Analysis - [3]

 -Facial Recognition  - http://creatingwithcode.com/howto/face-detection-in-static-images-with-python/

GitHUB?: (i can't find it, I have a LGHTSRC Git, but can't get it up, silly Firefox bug)