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Initial conference call to kick of FreedomTunnel work.


  • Ed
  • Isaac
  • Charles
  • Dana


  • Ed talked about web properties needing an LDAP back end. Not sure how much coding is needed.
  • Single source of authentication is acceptable.
  • Share a domain ( so trust can be shared via cookies.
  • site (separate)
  • Potential federation between web properties
  • is a platform (internationalizing and generic platform)
  • being a CA? (consider down the line)
  • Creating a system image (openvz) is essence of FNF / Occupy collaboration
  • Asked about infrastructure (is it containers?)
  • runs on openvz vps instances
  • federated, decentralized, distributed infrastrucutre to avoid SPOF
  • system image is one way to go, most likely will use chef to provision on top of whatever bare image is available . much easier to put a recipe together, keep it in git and then all you need is a bare image and run a single chef command to get SSO provisioned
  • it's key to keep data separated from the binaries/recipe
  • occupy tech ops has full control over infrastructure (root access)
  • division of labor?
  • goal is to produce a chef recipe to produce an ldap/ssl/kerberos backend workable on any Debian based VM (regardless of VmWare/Vbox/OpenVZ underneath)
  • ed is familiar with LDAP/Kerberos and will explore them in more detail
  • looking for development resources (chef,ldap,kerberos experts)
  • Dana will followup with potential development resources


  • Setup chef infrastructure
  • Install LDAP
  • Install kerberos
  • Configure them
  • Test across distros
  • Replication between masters for HA
  • Keep data separate
  • Handling data transport security

Milestone targets:

  • Magic iterative releases here
  • September 17th beta target