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The FreedomNoc is an implementation of a centralized NOC ("network operations center") which will serve as a template for regional operators and development environment for operational tools like end user issue ticketing, network stability monitoring, out-of-band equipment management, abuse resolution, emergency response, etc.

The first FreedomNoc is also the host for the FNF's organizational services, community groupware, etc.

The FNF FreedomNoc, being staffed exclusively by volunteers, will probably be run remotely.


June 2012: many software packages have been selected and spooled up at Kansas City data center, but are not configured or in use


Our gear is located in the central United States so as to be as equidistant as possible from towers as they are deployed.

NOC Operational Services

  • Ticketing (OSTicket)
  • Monitoring (Zabbix)
  • Documentation and configuration management system (Netdot/
  • Radio management (Aircontrol)
  • Captive portal/security (PacketFence)
  • GIS System (Udig/OpenStreetMap/Ushadi)
  • Asset location tracking (OpenGTS)
  • Technical Operations Dispatch system (TicketsCAD)
  • Knowledge base (phpMyFAQ)
  • Colo documentation (rack tables)
  • DNS (PowerDNS)
  • On net key servers (OpenSKS)
  • Server management (Dell OpenManage)
  • Configuration Management Database (Evaluating Zabbix and

Hosted FNF Organizational Services

  • wiki (media wiki)
  • Real time shared text editing (Etherpad)
  • blog (wordpress)
  • Microblogging (
  • Social networking insight (Thinkup)
  • Brand tracking, relevant topic tracking (Tattler)
  • Bookmarks (Scuttle)
  • Collaborative diagramming (Oryx-editor)
  • Photo gallery (Piwigo)
  • Document management (OpenDocMan)
  • Web analytics (Piwik)
  • crm (civicrm which is drupal based)
  • HR system (OrangeHRM)
  • Finance/accounting system (Dolibar)
  • E-mail server/groupware (SOGO)
  • Project management (Chiliproject)
  • Scrum tool (Icescrum)
  • Cpanel/WHM to host our various domains, lamp applications, mailing lists etc. It’s not FLOSS (in fact it’s the only piece of our corporate or network management software infrastructure that isn’t FLOSS). Unfortunately no FLOSS solution comes close. is currently the most compelling candidate.
  • Voice/Video communications (Freeswitch (Whistle and BlueBox from
  • Text chat (Jabber)

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