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The FreedomLink is how the Free Network Stack connects with the rest of the world. It will speak BGP with the internet at large and various interior gateway routing protocols (Babel/OSLR/OSPF/Batman) with the FreedomTower.

FreedomLinks will be situated initially in colocation facilities (with wireless radio links to FreedomTowers, and eventually in network meet-me rooms. They serve as gateways for logical connections via FreedomTunnel. FreedomLinks will have substantial computational capacity, be multi-homed, and peered via fiber-optics. FreedomLinks are the focal point of the regional meshes and as such they are intended to serve communities of 25,000-75,000.


June 2012: the inter-link routing protocol will probably be babel. More to come soon!

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Some raw info (CNW will cleanup later when I get around to working on FreedomLink product)

is there any written up plan or specs for freedomlink? slide deck says:

  • PfSense based
  • BGP/Babel routing protocols
  • $2500.00

and I don't see anything on chili. I have the vague concept that it will allow encrypted site-to-site transit as well as potentially site-to-data-center; here are some questions which might expose my confusion:

  • scope: I assume routed based on IP prefix; is there any way for the end user to know which traffic is going through the link and which isn't?
  • expected bandwidth range (scalable from 1Mbps through 10Gbps?)
  • hardware requirements (crypto co-processor? VM appropriate?). I assume compute will scale with throughput, but might be minimal (RAM) storage requirements for routing tables?
  • how does key/cert distribution/exchange work? part of freedomtunnel?

in general I find the FreedomTunnel (single sign on, shared services) and FreedomLink (encrypted routed transit) naming a bit backwards... would "FreedomBone" be a better name for FreedomLink?