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equipment photo
Misc Equipment, 2011


FreedomLab is a collection of networking hardware, compute resources and software to support research & development, testing, education and serve as a proving ground for the FreedomStack.

We aren't developing anything new, but rather evaluating/testing/proving existing software and hardware components and then helping turn them into a turn key community networking solution.



  • Continuous integration testing
  • Firmware development and tuning
  • Shell access to fancy equipment for experimentation?


  • Horst (as a spectrum analyzer capable of understanding OLSR mesh networks)
  • Wireshark
  • Scapy
  • Netdude
  • gpsd
  • nmap
  • Twinkle SIP client
  • Wavemon

Hardware Available


  • Cisco 6509
  • Cisco 1841
  • Cisco 3540


  • Cisco 2950
  • Cisco 2924

Access Points:

  • Ubiquity NS2
  • Mesh potato
  • Linksys repeater
  • Orinoco 802.11b
  • AirLink


  • Optiplex 745 VM server (lxc/virtualbox)
    • VirtualBox host to run PfSense virtual machines so we can test out configurations, test compatibility with Cisco gear (OSPF/BGP)
    • VirtualBox host to run FreedomNode virtual machines (with a genode base, and Debian guests)
    • LXC host to run GIS and other computationally intensive work loads in support of FNF network operations
    • LXC host to run various software packages / experiments (very early stage FNF software application research projects)
    • The system has a USB bluetooth adapter. It also has multiple 802.11b/g USB wifi adapters.
    • running Lubuntu to perform coverage and performance testing as well as network diagnostics)


  • Serial to USB converter (for use with serial consoles on switches, soekris rigs, access points etc)
  • External (USB) wireless card capable of monitor mode, packet injection etc
  • GPS Receiver

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