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 "somewhat currated", not just a link dump. Not many links yet, but you can search for most of these topics. 

News Sources

  • chillingeffects.org
  • eff (electronic freedom foundation)
  • wikileaks
  • 2600
  • software freedom law center
  • riseup
  • FSF (free software foundation)

  • Tor
  • FreeNet
  • mixmaster
  • FreedomBox
  • cjdns
  • monkeysphere


  • "The Information" (2011) by James Gleick (non-fiction)
  • "How the World Was One: Beyond the Global Village" (1992) by Arthur Clark (non-fiction)
  • "Little Brother" (2011) by Cory Doctorow (fiction, near-future dystopian)

Talks (video)
  • Eben Moglen IOSC talk on FreedomBox
  • Moxie Marlinkspice on phones and social pressure

History of digital censorship/privacy/control
  • fordsucks.com (fordreallysucks.com)
  • DeCSS algorithm (for DVD viewing)
  • USA: DMCA (digital millenium copyright act)
  • Palladium, "trusted computing"
  • Clipper Chip
  • wikileaks
  • p2p file sharing: Napster, Kazaa, Gnutella, bittorrent
  • crypto wars: Bernstein v. United States
  • Great Firewall of China
  • deep packet inspection
  • 2010-2011 SSL failures: comodogate, DigiNotar, firesheep, Iranian facebook MITM
  • network neutrality
  • DRM: digital rights management
  • restricted boot
  • software patents
  • browser wars
  • patriot act
  • "real name" policies on social networks
  • US customs domain siezures
  • google pullout of china

International Internet Regulations
  • .de "imprint"
  • EU data retention
  • .cn
  • FCC network neutrality position
  • US common carrier
  • TLD-specific registration requirements
  • south korean id number system
  • international copyright laws, cooperation
  • "3-strikes" laws

"Internet Governance"
  • "rough consensus, working code"
  • standards/protocols: IETF (internet engineering task force)
  • IP addressing: IANA (inter assigned names authority) , ARIN (american registry for internet numbers)
  • DNS: ICANN (internet corporation for assigned names and numbers)
  • USA: FCC rural networks, common carrier, spectrum
  • HTML: w3c
  • other: IOSC (internet society)
  • spamhaus
  • UN treaties?

  • postal and telegraph regulations as precident
  • US bell breakup
  • investment/ownership of submarine cables
  • FCC and radio spectrum allocation policies

"How the Internet Works"
  • network layer paradigm
  • message passing pattern, server/client pattern, p2p pattern, circuit/stream pattern
  • stateless vs. stateful
  • TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/internet protocol), UDP (user datagram protocol)
  • tunneling, encapsulation
  • global static addressing vs. NAT/DHCP (network address translation, dynamic host configuration protocol)
  • ISP ecosystem/economics: retail, national, international
  • "backbone" scale internet: AS (autonomous system) numbering, BGP (border gateway protocol) , failures
  • cloud/datacenter hosting
  • DNS hierarchy
  • SSL/TLS hierarchy
  • VPNs
  • modern CDNs (contend delivery networkds)
  • DHT (distributed hash table)
  • "mobile internet": 3G, 4G, WiMAX
  • IPv4 -> IPv6
  • DNSSEC (dns security)
  • IPSEC (ip security)

General Internet History

Security, Encryption, Identity systems
  • SSL/TLS (secure socket layer, transit layer security)
  • public key
  • OTR (off the record)
  • PGP/GPG "web of trust" (pretty good privacy)
  • SSH (secure shell)
  • OAuth, openid