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The Omnipotent Wizard of the FNF

IRC Channels

[email protected]:~/.purple$ grep channel blist.xml 
				<component name='channel'>#battlemesh</component>
				<component name='channel'>#madwifi</component>
				<component name='channel'>#openwrt</component>
				<component name='channel'>#swn</component>
				<component name='channel'>#natog</component>
				<component name='channel'>#olsr</component>
				<component name='channel'>#batman</component>
				<component name='channel'>#fnm</component>
				<component name='channel'>#lalugs</component>
				<component name='channel'>#sfvlug</component>
[email protected]:~/.purple$ 

Mailing lists (main email account)

Mailing lists (list mail account)

  • VillageTelcoDev
  • OpenBTS
  • OpenBSC
  • OSCOM in general (all projects)
  • commotion-* (discuss, announce, dev)
  • uknog
  • arin-tech

Probably a few others, but those are the main ones.

Must read books and essays !!!!

Daily reading

Current .plan

1) Security and monitoring

2) FNF lab