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The TAO (the Total Agreement to be Open) is the culmination of documents presented at the United Rio + 20 Earth Summit, Federal Hall, and The Web - outlining an open source governance system for new meems of "Occupy" scale and coordination with a constructive purpose through the central practices of Sacred Science, planetary and intergenerational participation, in the development of the Open Source Imperative, the People's Patent Process, the Local Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. With reverence for the Most High, calls upon the powerful methods of play and open source to guide it's perfection, to find victory in the crisis of today, and to inspire others to be Idle No More and Occupy injustice, Recover from crisis and Reclaim the victory for humanity, nature, and unity.


May all peoples under the shade of the Tree of Life reading this living, fallible, and evolving effort, recognize humanity is one and with eyes fixed on whatsoever will further civilization and the arts of living. With ears open to the wisdom of scholars and philosophers so to arise to promote and practice it. With senses and faculties devoted to the service of the general good, so that we, should labour at all times and along all lines, weather the occasion be great or small, ordinary or extraordinary, until all peoples are safely gathered into the impregnable stronghold of knowledge. We should continually be establishing new bases for human happiness and creating and promoting new instrumentalities toward this end. How excellent, how honorable is man if he arises to fulfil his responsibilities.

With prayers for the blessing of our ancestors and children, may the statements of law herein rejuvenate every dream, polish the 400 year old silver covenant of the Two Rows Wampum Belt Treaty, and with the Most High as witness and guide, honor the living spirit of Gayanashagowa or the Great Law of Peace of the Haudenosaunee Nation or the Iroquois, respect the wisdom and tradition of the Algonquin and Lenape Nations, and reclaim the traditional principles of this region to give direction to human progress as we

Always work with Unity

Always work with Peace

Always carry a Good Message

In keeping with the principles, in unifying the Open Source Imperative, the People's Patent Process, and the Local Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, the TAO is whole and the trust of all. Each document, with its own evolving guidelines, prose, and format, is completed through the perfection of words herein. Perfection is achieved by Trustees unveiling qualities of Spirit through the most great act of service. Each plays a part in a chorus, but can sing on their own. The purpose of the TAO is to enhance spiritual communication and master most high art of play, intergenerationally, so all may dance and sing in harmony as the Walls fall away, the Treaties are reclaimed, and Mother Earth is established as the Nation to which all are Native and the responsible Guardians of. Until the Heart of the World is healed and beats to the verses of Truth - Aholkw'e'sit Kishel'e'm'u'k'o'nk - Alláh'u'Abhá - God bless all - Shalom - Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ - Yatha ahu vairyo -


Allied Text and Supporting Text of the statements herein will be referenced and hyperlinked as AT-ST. ATn STn where (n) indicates the number of the AT-ST's of the TAO.

The Body

The Open Source Imperative

Free and Open Internet Communication Infrastructure

Free and Open Cultural, Health, Science and Creative commons

Free and Open Collaboration and Innovation Systems

Free and Open Governance Goals, Standards and Technology

Free and Open Currencies

Free and Open Tools for Sustainability

Free and Open Civil Infrastructure

Free and Open Data and Data Exchange Standards

Free and Open Standards for Labelling and Crop Seeds

Free and Open Education Systems

Open Source Everything

Full text > Open Source Imperative

The People's Patent Process

A People's Patent to establish the balance of free and financially-sustainable idea sharing

A People's Mark to remake certification marking for open, sustainable and just inventions

A People's Archive to reorganise all publicly licensed work for sustainable use and play

A People's Standard to redefine the goals for maximising benefit to humanity and nature

A People's Commons to unravel boundaries of novelty and non-obviousness of innovation

All Commons Are Belong to All

Full text > People's Patent Process

The Local Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

SECTION I - PRAYER AND PREAMBLE – An open prayer and resolution for and by participating stewards

SECTION II - LOCAL AUTHORITY – Reclaim the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Two Row Wampum Belt Treaty, Harmony with Nature and other empowering documents.

SECTION III - FINDINGS AND PURPOSE – State that the Divinely bestowed right and responsibility to equal Participation in Human Evolution and Advancement shall not be undermined.

SECTION IV - PROHIBITIONS AND CORPORATE LEGAL PRIVILEGES – Negates claimed rights of “rogue” corporations that threaten the Rights and Responsibilities of any enacting Locality.

SECTION V - SCIENCE TO STATEMENTS OF LAW - A LOCAL BILL OF RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES – Defines the Divinely bestowed rights and responsibilities to steward the The Commons.

SECTION VI - ENFORCEMENT – Empowers a Locality to uphold the Bill before and after becoming a City Ordinance

SECTION VII - SEVERABILITY AND CUSTOMIZABILITY – The Bill becomes servable in court and court rulings against specific language of the Bill do not affect the rest

SECTION VIII - REPEALER – All contrary laws passed within the City are void upon adoption of the Bill

SECTION IX - PUBLISHING AND REDRAFTING – Non-commercial share alike

The Earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens

Full text > Local Bill of Rights and Responsibilities


From Localities there are global Advocates, global Supporters, global Trustees, global Commons Stewards and global public Servants, each increasing in the level of community responsibility and trust.


Each Locality enters the following stages Crystallization, Growth, Stability, Surplus, Replication each increasing in the level of complexity and scale and unified with The TAO.


All involved are committed to establishing the following three planetary games

SEEDBALL: the local game to coordinate the Reclamation of the Commons, and

FED or Feed Everyone Day: the game for all to ensure their neighbour, town, city, country, planet is fed for at least one day, on November 26th 2014

Transformative 500 Open Source Film Festival: the game to discover the 500 most Transformative films every, date TBA.