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So you want to be a node owner?

Welcome to an exciting and fulfilling adventure of running an ISP! So you've seen the FNF website, got excited by the mission and want to build / operate / own you're very own portion of the global internet? Awesome. You are in the right place. Many of you will want to whip out the plastic and start buying shiny objects. STOP! Building a network requires much planning, careful evaluation and lots of boring work before you buy the first piece of kit.

Stubs here down.... please flesh out...


  • ESD protection


  • Site Prep
    • RF survey
    • Site survey
  • Data room access
  • Threats to a successful install
    • Unsupervised children
    • Overly involved residents (especially cell/camera paranoid)


  • Community buy in / approval / education
  • Shifting revenue from incumbents to the network

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