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Jump to: navigation, search is a web platform, intended to facilitate the planning and provisioning of free networks. In enterprise parlance, it is a Decision Support System. It is intended to be accessible to those with little or no technical background.


  • Provide a clean, usable interface for exploring existing free network infrastructure.
  • Help individuals and communities understand the benefits and limitations of community-owned infrastructure.
  • Assist with network planning via a drag-and-drop RF calculator.
  • Allow individuals and communities to construct a bill of materials for a buildout.
  • Gather and display information about sources of commons-compatible bandwidth
  • Facilitate crowdfunding of buildouts
  • Act as a forum for community-driven technical support


  • All software released under copyleft license (GPLv3, most likely)
  • Code hosted in git repository
  • Project managed via FNF Tracker
  • Planning and information services free of charge for non-commercial applications
  • Any proceeds go to fund operations, benefit development of network tools

Tools & Methods

  • OpenGeo stack for GIS backend
  • 1/3 to 1/9 resolution elevation data from national elevation dataset
  • Splat RF for Longley-Rice path loss calculations
  • OpenLayers for views
  • Flask for model
  • Tornado for (async) controller


  • Must be able to input/output node data from/to other open node databases
    • Nodeshot
    • others?
  • Stock Splat RF has max resolution of 1 ~= 80m, too large
  • Urban calculations strongly effected by building height
  • Few sources of CC bandwidth
  • Regulatory complexity of crowdfunding applications