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FreedomCenter Primary Rack

Welcome to the FNF FreedomCenter wiki page. This page serves as a landing point for documentation of the FreedomCenter. It covers the tools we use to support development of free networks and share those tools with the world, and is written in such a way as to be usable by others who may wish to replicate our data center deployment in their own environment.

Before diving into the technical documentation, please read FreedomCenter - Overview. It describes the system's design principles and capabilities as a whole. As jumping-off point for understanding FreedomCenter on a tech level, we've put together FreedomCenter - System - which explains how the components listed below work together.

If you'd like to follow our efforts towards future iterations/improvements regarding FreedomCenter, please check out FreedomCenter - Future Work.

It has taken us about two years (October 2011 to December 2013) to build out the infrastructure to it's current state. If you'd like details on how we've gotten to this point over time, please visit InfrastructureMigration, which documents the evolution of our system from a single server to an entire cabinet. Should you need to support a very large scale development project, you may find yourself on a similar growth curve.

FreedomCenter components

This is a list of the various components that make up the FreedomCenter , which is what supports the delivery of services in the FreedomCenter-ServiceCatalog.





Primary facility (Kansas City,MO (MCI)

See FreedomCenter - Primary for details of our primary facility (hosting production operations and product development systems).

Lab Facility (Austin, Tx (ATX)

See FreedomCenter - Lab for details of our performance and run time test lab facility.

Disaster Recovery facility (Dallas, TX (DFW)

See FreedomCenter - DisasterRecovery for details of our DR environment.

FreedomCenter Documentation (edit)
High-level: Landing Page - Overview - System - Migration
Sites: MCI - ATX - DFW
Subsystems: Network - Compute - Storage - Out of Band
Functions: LAMP - DNS - Monitoring - SSL - LDAP
Catalogs: Public Services - Administrative Services - Walkthroughs
Free Network Infrastructure Projects (edit)
Appliances: Box - Node - Tower - Link
Software: AutoNOC - AutoTunnel
Facilities: FreedomCenter - GuifiUS - FNF_Lab
Big picture: The Free Network Stack