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We are still working on a system to automate financial transparency. We remain a donor-supported, all-volunteer operation. There are a number of individuals that have generously supported our cause and sustained our work. We currently spend $275/month on colocation, which is covered by the monthly support of our donors. From time to time we spend money to bring the team together, or to send someone to a conference - we also have occasional printing, shipping, and hardware costs.

We started out on a loan, which we paid back using part of the money from the $10,000 Contact Innovation Prize that we won last fall. More than that, though, there are dozens of individuals that have contributed to the FNF, with contributions ranging to $5 to $5,000. These individuals have given of themselves in the hope that we can build something transformative - they deserve great thanks. We do our best to thank them, but also feel that the sincerest thanks we can give is our dedicated, persistent work.

Financial Reports