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Welcome to the FNF Labs wiki page!

Lab overview/introduction

The FNF Lab hosts a collection of multiple vendors networking hardware/operating systems (physical / virtual) (Cisco,Juniper,Ubiquiti,Linksys,pfsense,Arista etc). These systems actively support the FNF mission, by enabling the collaborative education of people around the world in all aspects of real world networking, and in helping FNF create the Free Network Kit. It also serves as the infrastructure for the technical education courses that FNF offers.

The lab allows individuals anywhere on the globe to easily and quickly spin up a collection of networked physical and virtual machines running a variety of standard network operating systems (Cisco IOS, Juniper OS, OpenWRT, Linux, Pfsense, BSD etc). It allows us to evaluate/test/prove upstream software and hardware components and develop them into the finished kit components for the Free Network Kit. A huge amount of upstream software and hardware exists, and it's overwhelming to most operators to go through them. We use the lab to evaluate the various options and pick the pieces that get integrated into the kit.

The lab has been in development along with FreedomCenter from 2011 to 2014, and was taken live October 9, 2014. Much has been learned over that time, and we've tried to capture the "state of the art" for network stack development and education in these wiki pages. If you ever find yourself in the greater Austin or KC area, please email [email protected] and ask to arrange a lab/datacenter/network tour, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Lab documentation

  • Before diving into the technical documentation, you may wish to read FNFLab - Overview. It describes the overall lab design principles and key capabilities.
  • Getting started, basic usage and advanced technical documentation along with the master gear inventory: FNFLab - Manual

Free Network Infrastructure Projects (edit)
Appliances: Box - Node - Tower - Link
Software: AutoNOC - AutoTunnel
Facilities: FreedomCenter - GuifiUS - FNF_Lab
Big picture: The Free Network Stack